About Heaven’s Table

Over the last several years I have found myself sharing personal stories and information with my loved ones.  Normally this exchange happened in the midst of face to face conversations, however a great deal of exchanges happened via some rather long text and multimedia messages.  No matter what the content, my friends and family would tell me one of two things: 1) “Why is all of this in such a long text form?!?  It’s too much,” and 2) This needs to be in written form, like a blog or something.”  And so, here we are, 2017 and I’m finally able to launch a blog to contain the topics that are especially near and dear to me.

Heaven’s Table is a place where I can not only share my personal experiences and takes on the topics of Faith, Food and Fashion, but also a place where I would love to hear from the readers of this blog and get their take on these subjects.  Essentially, we’re gathered around a grand table, sharing information with one another.  GOD created mankind to be helpers one to another, and it is my prayer that this blog does just that.

Welcome to Heaven’s Table!