Welcome To The Table!

Greetings!  Thank you for taking a moment to visit my blog!  It is my prayer that anytime you come to read a post, that you (and all that you would share this information with) will be blessed, uplifted, encouraged, and inspired to live an unapologetic Christ-centered life.

This blog will cover topics such as faith, food and fashion, and any topic that may be related.  The purpose for this site is to simply bring an encouraging perspective to these areas in our lives.  I have met countless women and men who have had questions or misnotions about one or all of these headings.  My hope is that I may shed some light, enough to have people in a better informed place to make quality decisions for themselves.  In the same way I must pray before giving out any information, or posting anything to this site, you must do the same thing after reading the posts on this blog, and allow GOD to guide you into all manner of truth.  It is more than likely that what I;m able to give on this post will only be a part of what you need.  GOD must be allowed to do the rest.

Consider this blog as the table that GOD our Heavenly Father daily sets for His children.  When we think of someone setting a table, we automatically think of a table being set for a meal, complete with silverware, maybe even the fancy table settings, capped with our favorite foods.  But, one thing about gathering around a table as a unit is the fact that the gathering is about more than just food (even if the food is dynamite!).  What makes the table gathering special is the fellowship and the exchange of love and information that often comes even before the last dish of food is placed on the table before us.  In the Bible we see several appointed times of feasting that the LORD calls us to, specifically to sit around the “table” with His children to inform them, feed them, and bless them.  This table, a small extension of GOD’s table, will do just that.

So, with that being said, come on in, pull up a chair, and let’s talk, share, and feast!

Thank you for visiting Heaven’s Table!

Be blessed in Jesus’ Name!


2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Table!”

  1. Yes! A dream come true! I can’t wait for everything you’re going to share here, as all your topics are right up my alley! Thank you for doing this, and best wishes!


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