Topic of Faith: “Saved and/or Holy???”

“…to live holy before the LORD is indeed His plan for all who would come to Him, and that the key is to strive daily to live as such, with the help and strength of the LORD to do so. Here’s the bottom line: HOLINESS IS STILL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!”

Looking at today’s modern day 21st century Christian, there has become a very noticeable difference between people who profess to be Christians and those on whom you can see (and often times feel) the presence and push of and for holiness.  For some odd reason, the two are not the same.  Why is that?

To be Saved means that a person has come to the Messiah, Jesus, because they believe in Him as the LORD and Savior of the World.  They come to Him humbly to confess their sins to Him, ask Him to forgive and wash them clean with His precious shed blood (acknowledging the fact that He died for our sins so that we would not have to), and then invite Him to live within their heart to be their personal LORD and Savior.  To be Holy is, in a way, a believer reenacting this daily. They also look for ways to put away old habits or anything (or anyone) that would divert their attention away from Him as their Father and LORD.  It also means that the person has made their life all about GOD and His will, set aside for His agenda in the earth, and they are able to do so while still enjoying life.  They are in the world and yet not of the world (John 15:18-19, 17:16).  The notion in settling in one of the two can be summed up and seen in these two statements: 1) Once saved, always saved (which is an erroneous teaching); 2) Be ye Holy, for I (your GOD) AM Holy (which is what He wants from all of us)!  The second comes with a knowledge that we must repent daily for our sins (sometimes even throughout the entire day) and make a conscious effort to make the LORD Jesus the center of our lives.  The reason:  if we don’t, then we are prone to walk according to the desires of the flesh (our minds, personal opinions, and desires).

For years, I have heard people who claim to be holy condemn others for their undelivered ways (habits and tendencies that the Bible specifically forbids or warns us against). I have also heard some of those who say that they are Christian (saved) tell a person who strives to walk in holiness before GOD that “it doesn’t take all of that,” basically saying that the person of holiness is overthinking or being too zealous in their salvation.  Although both comments and condemning statements are heard way too often, I am so very thankful that there is a portion of the Body of Christ who do not condemn in one way or the other.  They have learned that to live holy before the LORD is indeed His plan for all who would come to Him, and that the key is to strive daily to live as such, with the help and strength of the LORD to do so.

Here’s the bottom line: HOLINESS IS STILL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

What has happened to us as the Body that we no longer strive to put away old habits and carnal appetites?  Why have we settled for the blessing of one scripture that says that if we confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that Jesus is LORD, then you shall be saved (Romans 10:9), and not bother to read the rest of the Book to see all of the treasures and blessings that GOD has in store for those who would push for and strive daily to live a life of holiness for Him?  The Bible says, “Be holy for I am holy (1 Peter 1:16).”  When did that become antiquated?  Or, have we as people changed the very definition of holiness to suit our flesh and not our spiritual health?  In today’s modern ideology, there is an erred belief that the rules change as the world changes.  For example, the commandments and the laws found in Genesis through Deuteronomy are sometimes thought of as old, or for Biblical times, and sometimes even allegorical (in fact they see the entire Bible as such).  But, this is just an excerpt from the same Book that says that these are ordinances for and through “all of your generations (Exodus 12:14 is just one example),” and that Jesus the Messiah is the Word of GOD (made flesh; John 1:14), and that He is the same “yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).”  Nowhere in any of the 66 books do we see GOD speak (through the writers) that there will come a day when you don’t have to obey His commands, and that you can make your own rules according to seasons, times and flesh.  So, what has happened?  Are we as His proclaimed people no longer willing to read the Bible in order to gain the necessary strength to live a life that is holy?

May GOD forbid it, and may He open our eyes in this season, for this generation!


This is just something to think about.  Are you satisfied with Saved, or are you striving to live Holy?

We’ll talk more about this at a later date.  Until then…

Be blessed (and aware of your purpose and proper place in GOD) in Jesus’ Name!




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