“THE most important accessory I put on is a healthy dose of confidence….

I absolutely love fashion! I’m not one who subscribes to just any new trend, as some of them are absolutely RIDICULOUS (for example, the squiggly eyebrows….UGH!!!)  Even regarding clothing and what’s considered “in season,” I don’t always follow that which is laid out for the next few months.  I think that I have my own personal style, and that has been cultivated over the years.  There are times when I may have the opportunity to go shopping, but I often times do not wear every purchased article of clothing in the same season.  In fact, my favorite thing to do is to match a skirt from 3 or 4 seasons ago, for example, with a top that may be more recent, and then add some new jewelry and cute yet comfortable shoes to the outfit.  Then, I look in the mirror, then…. BAM! This big girl is ready to head out into the world, head high and shoulders back!

All of this may be all well and good, but it’s not the most important thing I put on before stepping out.  THE most important accessory I put on is a healthy dose of confidence….


So, let’s look at where some of our confidence comes from.

People say that self-confidence is key, and it very much is a vital part of a healthy outlook in any and every area of our lives.  But, let’s keep it real: when we know that we are loved inside and out, no matter what we are wearing or how we look, this gives us a big boost.  The person or people who love us are instrumental in helping us to see beyond our stretch marks, skin blotches, big bellies, cellulite, thin limbs and hair that doesn’t look like it’s been professionally styled by the people who style J-Lo’s hair in the L’Oréal commercials!  They embrace our imperfections and become our biggest cheerleaders.  All of this helps us to see ourselves in a more flattering light.

At this point in my life I find myself trying out hairstyles, colors, and wearing styles and patterns that I wouldn’t dare to even think about wearing in times past.  Polka dots? Blonde hair?  Vintage style swing dresses?  Tutus?  All white dresses or outfits?  Never did I see myself wearing such things!  However, when GOD helped me to be comfortable with who I am in Him, this confidence spilled over into every area of my life, including my clothes.  You see, when you’re comfortable with who you are, you can be comfortable in the skin you’re in (and the clothes that cover it!)  I’m not the woman to dress to impress anyone.  I just simply love me, because GOD loves me!

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that we should never wait on anyone to validate us, regarding looks, talent, value, or anything that makes us who we are.  GOD validates me.  That’s enough for me.  If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, and if you an breathe without popping a button and potentially hitting someone in the temple and killing them, then strut your stuff!  Be you in Christ!

Be blessed (and sure) in Jesus’ Name!



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